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More boob chats

I was looking forward to seeing this new 3D imaging camera Dr. B would use to take pictures of my boobs. When I mentioned my next visit with Dr. B, to Dr. C she had described the camera as, “a

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This was how 2011 started off…

I was sitting crouched on my sofa, with my chin on my knee and my chest leaning into to my leg, while working on my resume when I felt a piece of extra padding in my bra. I reached in

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Good riddance

(Happy 2012! I know it has been awhile since I’ve written. Sorry, I needed some time, some fun, some relaxation and now I’m back. I know some of you have been waiting and I’m often surprised of who is reading

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The way we talk and the way we care

My mother’s wishes and comfort level for my well-being was put to the wayside very early, on purpose. There was a period of time, early on, where no one in my family, but my younger brother and his wife, knew

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Testing me before chemo

Before going back to Montreal for the long weekend I had to run over to PMH to get a CT Scan of my chest and torso area. This required me to consume 900 ml of a chalky white milky orange-y

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June 8th, 2011 – part 1

“How terrible was everybody else’s sleep?” Maggie asked coming to sit down, in the front lobby of WCH, where she met us. “Meh, I had 2 hours but I’m going to be sleeping all day today, anyhow,” I answer. ┬áCory,

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The Drain

I’ve held back telling most people a couple of important things which happen before removing the cancer from my breast. These things are the Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy and Axillary Lymph Node, and I didn’t want to talk about its

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