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Medicinal options

A collection of empty pill bottles from all the medications I took while going through chemo, sits on a corner of my kitchen counter. They are there to remind me the agony induced and cured by the concoctions of steroids,

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More boob chats

I was looking forward to seeing this new 3D imaging camera Dr. B would use to take pictures of my boobs. When I mentioned my next visit with Dr. B, to Dr. C she had described the camera as, “a

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Team boob!

Before my last chemo session, I had called to meet with Dr. Beber to discuss adding more saline to my slope-y chest. If I look down to my chest, the expander looks, at times, like it could use some more

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Déjà vu

Last Spring 2011, I had a second surprise biopsy after the doctors reviewed my MRI. Even though I brought a friend with me, they wouldn’t let me have anyone in the examination room while I had the procedure done. The

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This was how 2011 started off…

I was sitting crouched on my sofa, with my chin on my knee and my chest leaning into to my leg, while working on my resume when I felt a piece of extra padding in my bra. I reached in

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Testing me before chemo

Before going back to Montreal for the long weekend I had to run over to PMH to get a CT Scan of my chest and torso area. This required me to consume 900 ml of a chalky white milky orange-y

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Good times, as always

My home care plans are shaping up much differently than I had originally imagined. These last couple of days, I’ve been getting the details on chemotherapy and I realize it might be more wise to stay in my apartment during

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