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Two boobs intact

I had my final reconstructive surgery on December 12, 2012. The significance of the date is not lost on me. I marked my mastectomy surgery date, June 8, 2011, when a piece of me died two years ago.  12/12/12 is

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Tit for tat

“Hundreds but no ‘hi Moms’ or little hearts,” deadpanned Dr. Beber “Just nipples,” was his answer, to my question, of just how many tattoos he has done in the past?  It’s really going to happen. The final phase of adding

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July 25, 2012

“You look good in short hair. Are you going to keep it that way? How long was your hair before? I don’t even remember how your hair looked like before,” and within a few seconds of greeting me during my

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Defining batshit crazy

Dr. B measured my breast, with what looked like carpentry rulers, and asked me if I imagined my breast without the nipple, was the expander still too small to the corresponding side? “YES!” I said, while he wrote away in

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Pre-cancer, post-cancer

A couple of my friends mentioned I should update my blog…  I know, I’m sorry. The last 7 months I’ve been focusing on writing up resumes rather than writing in this blog about my boobs. I will try to be

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Medicinal options

A collection of empty pill bottles from all the medications I took while going through chemo, sits on a corner of my kitchen counter. They are there to remind me the agony induced and cured by the concoctions of steroids,

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More boob chats

I was looking forward to seeing this new 3D imaging camera Dr. B would use to take pictures of my boobs. When I mentioned my next visit with Dr. B, to Dr. C she had described the camera as, “a

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