I have breast cancer and I’m trying to keep my friends and family informed. Writing about my breast experiences and hoping I get through this with my mind and two boobs intact. Fingers crossed!

12 comments on “About
  1. Amanda Bertoia says:

    Norine – You are a brave woman, with great strength and a fighting spirit. I’ll be reading along and sending all the positive and healing energy I have your way. xox

    • notso buddha says:

      Your words are much too kind. If you read between the lines you will see I am none of the things you say I am. But keep reading, I like your interpretation of me more than I like mine. 😉


  2. Beth Nobes says:

    I was just thinking today that you should start a blog!

  3. S Secord says:

    Excellent idea, Norine… e-catharsis at its best. Sending you the biggest hugs you can possibly imagine as you prepare for this week.

    • notso buddha says:

      Shonda, you are one of the people I made this blog for. Your encouraging words has kept me interested in expressing the crap that races through my mind everyday. Thanks for nudging me on.


  4. Susan says:

    Hi Norine,
    Been thinking about you, wonderful that you’re keeping this blog, it really is great to write about how you feel. It’s a journey, but one step at a time, keep up that great positive spirit and your sense of humour.
    Lots of love,

  5. Cinzia says:


    I don’t know you but I think you are inspiring and educating a mass population…. I think your site is wonderful and you are serving others with your knowledge and experience….

    Thank you! We need more people to encourage others! Cinzia

  6. Cinzia says:

    Hi Norine

    Keep doing what you are doing with purpose… We need more people like you in the world to keep people positive, realistic and focused….

    I came across your site through the magazine you were featured in with Marci it just so happens that I went to Highschool with Marci and we attend the same church. It’s amazing the information you can stumble upon.

    God Bless You! I will follow your site… Please have a look at mine it is not as successful as yours but it is my way of expressing myself and personal growth.

    Stay Healthy and keep posting. Cinzia

  7. I have linked you to my wordpress site… Cinzia

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