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Side effects of chemotherapy

I went to the emergency room the night of my first chemo session. My legs felt like they had expanded between the start of dinner and the time we had washed dishes. I went looking for the info package, which

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The way we talk and the way we care

My mother’s wishes and comfort level for my well-being was put to the wayside very early, on purpose. There was a period of time, early on, where no one in my family, but my younger brother and his wife, knew

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Mom’s arrival

As predicted, a couple of days before my Mom arrived, before the start of my chemo, I started to clean my one bedroom apartment. I washed floors, laundered bed linen, replaced stained dish towels, sanitized my bathroom all for the

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Testing me before chemo

Before going back to Montreal for the long weekend I had to run over to PMH to get a CT Scan of my chest and torso area. This required me to consume 900 ml of a chalky white milky orange-y

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Good times, as always

My home care plans are shaping up much differently than I had originally imagined. These last couple of days, I’ve been getting the details on chemotherapy and I realize it might be more wise to stay in my apartment during

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